CCSG Wants Our Money

The University Park Undergraduate Association announced on Twitter (@UPUA) earlier today: “The Student Activity Fee Board is meeting today at 3:30 in 111 HUB to consider allocating $20,000 of UP students’ fee to CCSG.” Here’s the agenda for the meeting.

My first reaction was, “What?”

CCSG, if you weren’t aware, stands for Commonwealth Campus Student Governments and is the student governing body of the 19 Penn State Commonwealth Campuses — essentially the UPUA for every campus except University Park. Its proposal requests a budget of $43,330 — $20,000 of which would come from the student activity fee of University Park students and $23,330 from the student activity fees of the 19 Commonwealth Campuses.

Currently, CCSG receives its funding from the office of Student Affairs. This proposal would give CCSG student activity fee money from all of the 19 campuses they represent AND University Park. This seems perplexing, considering CCSG doesn’t represent students once they arrive at University Park — only the Commonwealth Campuses.

Look, this isn’t a knock on CCSG. They are right to ask for money from the Commonwealth Campuses — aka students they represent. But why does the organization deserve money from University Park students, of which we do not elect them nor do they represent us?

What do you think of the proposal? Let us know in the comments.

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