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Day: January 29, 2013

Eight Students Charged in Paige Raque Incident

Eight people, all students at Penn State, have been charged with furnishing alcohol to minors in the Paige Raque incident, according to a police press release.

THON Events Calendar

We're sure you've been invited to multiple fundraising events each and every day, but sometimes, it's just tough to keep track of them all. That's where Onward State comes in. We've constructed a calendar listing all of the THON fundraising events to help you fight pediatric cancer FTK.

Skies Out, Thighs Out: Penn State Embraces Chubbies

For those men whose thighs have been in the dark, let me introduce to you "Chubbies," a new fashion fad started in San Francisco that Jonathon Stephens aims to start here at Penn State.

Penn State Using Virtual Reality in Concussion Testing

The Penn State department of Kinesiology, Information Technology, and Sports Medicine are implementing virtual reality testing to help diagnosis and prevent concussions in athletes, according to a Penn State Live report.

Did Your Genetics Cause You to Read This Headline?

I have always had this perception that Gattaca is right around the corner. By the time my generation has children, it should be as easy as going to see a doctor and saying, "Well, you know, Doc, I have had bum knees my whole life. Can you give my boy the right genes so that his knees stay good?"

Internet Petition Demands Return of Paterno Statue

It hasn't been a good time to be a Penn State trustee recently. Now, a petition on the website is calling for the university's ultimate governing body to bring back the statue of Joe Paterno that stood outside Beaver Stadium from 2001 until it was abruptly removed in July 2012.

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