Skies Out, Thighs Out: Penn State Embraces Chubbies

For those men with thighs that have been in the dark, let me introduce to you “Chubbies,” a new fashion fad started in San Francisco that Jonathon Stephens aims to start here at Penn State.

According to the all-knowing Urban Dictionary, Chubbies are “radical shorts worn by radical men” and “are the perfect length to stay classy, but still liberate those thighs from the tyranny known as pants.” In other words, Stephens is exonerating the thighs of all men on campus and declaring the short shorts style as “in.”

In a well scripted and hilarious YouTube video posted on Monday, Stephens can be seen in the proper chubby stance (think Captain Morgan leg up, only with more awkwardness) and sporting American flagged-themed short shorts. The look would obviously not be complete without a jacket and bow tie.

In the mock Old Spice commercial for Chubbies, Stephens claims that this is indeed “not a fashion statement, or an attempt to fit in with the crowd; it’s patriotism.” He finishes the video by demanding for the attention of the viewers and asking to be Penn State’s Chubbies Representative.

Well, Jonathon, your exposed thighs certainly have our attention now.

To check out more Chubbie fun, go to the official Chubbies at Penn State Facebook page.

Any other Penn State fashion trends we need to know about? Please share with us in the comments below or tweet @onwardstate!

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