State College Voted One of America’s Safest Cities

A recent update by CQ Press and report by Gawker named State College to their annual “Safest Cities in America” list.

If you’re a Penn State student and have been paying attention recently to the local news, this might seem a little bit odd — especially if you live in the dorms.

As I walked home to write this particular post, I was immediately greeted at the door of my dorm building by numerous flashy neon papers taped at the entrance. These papers were crime alerts, timely notifications about multiple sexual assaults and “my right to know.”

Aside from the sexual assaults, the alerts were meant to notify the campus community about criminal mischief, indecent assault, and the robbery at Kranich’s Jewelers by three gunmen — all of these events occurred in the month of January. Everyone just talks about one robbery that happened, as opposed to the many more that happen frequently in larger cities.

Despite all the fuss that was generated by these occurrences and the hype that followed the alarming robbery on College Avenue, it’s all relative. Penn State students can rest assured that State College is generally a safe and sound place to be.

Of course, while it’s always a smart move to learn about self-defense and keep updated on the news regarding crime, you’re generally at pretty low risk while out and about downtown or at night on campus.

Other metro areas that were recognized as America’s safest included multiple locations in Wisconsin; Harrisonburg, Virginia; Edison, New Jersey; Provo-Orem, Utah; and Logan, Utah-Idaho. Each city was given a brief description and a “Most Notable Person.”

Weirdly enough, Gawker raised a few eyebrows with bestowing the following “honor”:

“State College’s Most Notable Person: Jerry Sandusky, professional rapist.”

Regardless of what the report says, congrats to Happy Valley for keeping its population safe and happy.

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