Tron at THON

Walking around the Bryce Jordan Center during THON weekend you see a lot of interesting characters. Onward State ran into two brothers decked out in Tron inspired suits. Andrew Sheffler is a junior at Penn State majoring in natural gas engineering. His brother, Daniel, is a sophomore at Penn State New Kensington. They’re both here supporting Penn State New Kensington’s four dancers.

Onward State: What inspired the Tron themed suits?

Daniel Sheffler: I went to THON last year and I was just astounded by what I saw and wanted to do something to step it up next year. Last year we wore Storm Trooper outfits and we wanted to step to step it up. My buddy said somebody should wear Tron suits and that would be the coolest thing ever. I wanted to show the kids that we really do care.

Andrew Sheffler: We planned this midsummer, beginning of summer, so it took us six months to do it. It was a lot of online research and stuff like that.

OS: How did you build the suits?

Andrew Sheffler We used a regular batter pack from a phone charger and attached a 12 volt connector into it and we powered it through that. It goes through a LED DMX converter box that sends out signals. It can do all kinds of stuff. We bought these controllers online and we programmed them.

OS: Do you guys know anybody dancing?

Daniel Sheffler Yeah, we want to give a shout out to Leigh Hastings, Courtney Rockwell, Aric Fellers and Bill Staniszweski.


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