Catching up at Greek Hour: Acacia and Gamma Phi Beta

6:35 a.m. and THON’s Greek Hour was rocking the BJC.

Ever since THON originated as a dance competition between fraternities here at Penn State, Greek members have continued to be a driving factor in producing THON’s success. During all hours of THON it is impossible to miss the enormous A’s, E’s and K’s bobbing over the crowd.

Various members of fraternities and sororities entered the stage to introduce THON 2013’s Greek Hour, including IFC President Chip Ray and PHC President Rachel Franceschino.

The Greeks performed their rendition of “Rock of Ages,” followed by a performance to “The Circle of Life,” and tunes from the Newsies. Along with performing dances, most of the shows included live singing and a Broadway touch.

Greg Despotidis, part of Acacia fraternity and THON veteran, talked about his passion for THON through Greek life and Acacia’s THON children’s battle against cancer. Acacia recently lost a couple of their THON children to their battles against cancer, yet they continue to grow as a group active in THON.

“Even we have lost some of our THON children, you’ll notice on our shirts we have like ‘for Jazz’ and for whoever; we keep all our THON children in mind and with us no matter what,” Despotidis said. “We’re still close with the families who have lost children and we’re still really active with them and because of our hard work we are constantly growing as an organization.”

Greg said what he loves most about THON is watching the dancers persevere at early hours of the morning, the most difficult time to stay awake and stay occupied.

Ally Mclaughlin, sophomore in Gamma Phi Beta (partnered with Acacia fraternity) and elected 2014 THON Chair for her sorority, explained the part of THON she loves most that Gamma Phi Beta is partnered with Acacia.

“We’re different than most other Greek life–we’re really close with Acacia and we do most of our fundraising together,” she said.

Greek Hour of 2013 THON concluded with the reveal of the theme for next Greek Week: We the Greeks.

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