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THON is, was, and will always be integral to the Greek experience at Penn State. We can always count on the totals of multiple fraternities and sororities to wow the Bryce Jordan Center. Some sisters of Alpha Chi Omega spoke of what THON meant to their organization.

Onward State: Why does Alpha Chi Omega THON?
Alpha Chi Omega: We THON for our three families. They’re amazing. We recently received our third family. We met her (the new THON child) on Wednesday. Also our (fraternity partner Pi Kappa Phi) THON chair’s cousin was recently diagnosed with cancer. So we dance for him in spirit.

OS: How many dancers are there?
ACO: Four dancers are from Alpha Chi Omega, and four are from Pi Kappa Phi.

OS: How many people are with you in the stands?
ACO: {With both organizations} Between one hundred fifty and two hundred.

OS: How much money did you collect?
ACO: Last year, we raised $161,000. Our THON chairs keep the total secret until the very end.

OS: What does it take to be the best sorority in THON?
ACO: A lot of spirt. A lot of passion. A lot of fun. A positive attitude. And living by the Four Diamonds.

OS: How do you stand out on THON weekend?
ACO: Our letters are an awesome job. We have awesome t-shirts. Just have fun. We make up dances.

OS: What does it mean to be Greek and do THON?
ACO: THON is everything. It’s our number one. We started THON and are very devoted.

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