Who is the Guy in the Squirrel Costume?

Chris Bracht, a senior involved in IST and OPP, has become quite an attraction at THON. After waiting a few minutes in a line of Penn Staters eager to get a picture with the famous squirrel, I got the chance to interview him.

Bracht decided to order the costume online when messing with the squirrels outside of Willard became a frequent hobby for him and his friends. It’s now been over a year since the purchase, and he still considers it money well spent.

Bracht’s squirrel suit made its first appearance at THON 2012, and not only returned at this year’s THON 5K, but also dualed as a personal Halloween costume. While at the THON 5K, Bracht was able to meet with the Penn State Squirrel Whisperer, Mary Krupa. Although he finds her to be a pretty cool girl, he feels he could definitely compete for Penn State’s newest squirrel icon.

Bracht is sad that this is his final THON as a student, but ensured me that he will be back in the future. When I asked if he would still be wearing the famous squirrel suit he replied with:

“If that’s what the people want, that’s what the people will get,” Bracht said.

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