Dancer Parents Express Emotions

This morning, Onward State collected the reactions of several parents whose children were dancing this weekend in THON.

For Jodie, she is incredibly proud that her son, Ryan, has the opportunity to dance in THON for Sigma Pi. When he first expressed interested in dancing over Christmas break, his father asked him, “If you don’t try to dance, will you regret it in ten years?” Jodie was glad her son could give back by helping a lot of sick kids. She also felt that this was the true Penn State. “Look around. This is what the world needs to see. Not the other crap. What the media needs to report about these kids, it gives me chills.”

However, Caroline had a more realistic impression of THON weekend. When asked how she felt about her daughter dancing in THON, she said she was “worrisome. I don’t think it is healthy.” She also said that while she was excited to be on the dance floor, it was frustrating to get down here. “Dancers should get one pass for a parent to check on them.” She ended that the shared spirit is amazing.

Neil was very proud of his son. He was ecstatic to learn that his son, a college senior, would be dancing. This is a “big thing” for his son. When he looks into the stands, he sees a “big group of people making a difference. It warms my heart.” Once THON is over, he’ll be supportive of his son, making sure he gets to sleep.

Chad responded that it’s “awesome” his daughter is a dancer. He so proud so much effort was put in to help kids and their families.

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