The Story Behind the Four Diamonds Tattoo

THON has left a mark on Adam Krempasky — quite literally.

Most students remember THON by keeping dancer mail or compiling photo albums. For Krempasky, though, he wanted something to remember forever. The only answer was a Four Diamonds tattoo.

He got it, simply, “to remember how THON has changed my life. How this organization, its members, and the Murphy family have changed my life.”

Krempasky is dancing for IST THON this weekend and said that his involvement in the organization has taught him leadership skills, and that he would never have been as outgoing as he is now without having been involved in the world’s largest philanthropy.

In addition, he says the Murphy family has given him strength through tough times in his own life, and has displayed strength in their involvement with IST THON.

“Most importantly,” says Krempasky of the tattoo, “I got it to remind me of the kids, and how they make each and every one of us live up to the Four Diamonds: Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, and Strength.”

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Ryan Beckler

Ryan is a senior in the Smeal College of Business majoring in Marketing. He is a Lion Ambassador who loves giving tours to prospective students. His favorite activities include distributing news and consuming Chipotle.


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