Update From Our Dancer: Hour 32

Saturday was not a picture perfect day for dancer Ali Fogarty.

When we last checked in with the Onward State staff writer dancing through the Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS), she had spent nine hours on the floor and was excited to soon see her family.

Unfortunately, almost 24 hours later, Fogarty’s wish has still not come to fruition. A big story mid-afternoon through early evening was the combination of a slow moving PASS System and a huge, stagnant line that had formed outside the Bryce Jordan Center with spectators being denied entry. Accompanied by a six-month old baby, Fogarty’s family was unable to wait outside in the cold, but the unexpected development led to the dancer relying on a different support system to hold strong.

“I’m just really lucky to be in a committee that has floor time. They’ve been great in keeping me going, same with captains that I know, friends on other committees, and my moraler. It isn’t easy, but I’m just lucky that I’ll get to see them [my family] eventually,” said Fogarty.

As she patiently waits, her Communications committee and moraler Vern O’Garra, a seasoned THON veteran who danced last year and has been on a morale committee three times, have kept her going.

“Vern’s knowledge of both sides has been invaluable,” said Fogarty.

This far in, the physical wear and tear is understandably beginning to take a toll. “I don’t feel great, but I’m just taking it one step at a time, eating and medicating when I need it, and taking it from there,” Fogarty explained.

While O’Garra has reset the time zone on her phone constantly, Fogarty came rather close to predicting the correct time, guessing that it was 1:30 a.m. when it was actually 1:08 a.m.

Hopefully she doesn’t read the post now and see the real time, but if you do, know that all of us at Onward State are very proud. Despite some bumps along the way, Fogarty’s journey towards the ultimate destination continues.

Hopefully you see your family soon.

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Drew is a senior marketing major. This fall, he will be covering Penn State Football for Onward State. He is a huge Philadelphia sports fan and loves THON and Domonic Brown.


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