Distraction of the Day: Punny Twitters and Drunken Tumblrs

With midterms in full force, it’s clear we all need to buckle down and study find new ways to procrastinate. Penn State students never disappoint with social media creativity, and these new finds are no exception.

In light of this past weekend, http://drunkenstate.tumblr.com/ was created to document all drunken frivolity downtown. It allows users to submit pictures or stories of destruction that occurred on State Patty’s. While there aren’t a ton of posts, this Tumblr notes everything from a broken window at India Pavilion to a cracked door at The Graduate. It actually highlights the fact that the shenanigans on State Patty’s this year was relatively mild, so we thank you.

Another fun distraction is Twitter’s new “We Are Pun State.” Only one day after its inception, this account already has 100+ followers, and is sure to gain more with punny tweets like: “I prefer my coffee with a dash of sugar and a splash of Creamery.” And, “‘Yo homes, Smeal you later’ – Fresh Prince to the cabby.” And my personal favorite, “When recipes call for just a Pinchot salt, never over do it.” If you have any more Penn State Puns, tweet them @Pun_State. The more innovation (park), the better! …I tried.

Lastly, Twitter is also buzzing with live Greek life updates brought to you by CNN… Well, kinda. Faux news reporter PSU_Greek_CNN updates Penn State on Greek life’s most pressing issues like:

“President Erickson planning to veto a bill placing harsher punishment on fracket theft. Frats threaten IFC over stolen property.”

And, “Outrage erupts as THON hopefuls are denied entrance to the BJC. President Erickson quoted saying, “wristbands only, everyone else back up.”

Whether you’re a part of Greek life or not, these tweets shed light (and laughter) on important, and no so important, Penn State matters.

Happy studying!

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