Penn State Student Featured in Vogue UK

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you probably will soon — Penn State sophomore Nicole Kelner runs the handbag company Nicole Kelner Designs, whose SmartPurse™ was just featured in April 2013 issue of Vogue UK:

The SmartPurse on Vogue UK

Kelner’s SmartPurse™ is a wallet which secures your smartphone under a clear screen foldout, through which you can “touch, call, listen to music, charge, and connect to Bluetooth all while your phone is still stowed.” It’s unlike anything on the market, and Kelner — just a sophomore here at Penn State — has already applied for her SmartPurse™ design to be patented.

When we last profiled Kelner in November, she was making her signature smartphone wallets by hand and selling them to Penn Staters and the online artisan marketplace, Etsy. Now, four months later, her products have reached an international audience and Kelner is accelerating the development of her company, Nicole Kelner Designs (or NKD, for short). She is currently in the process of trademarking the SmartPurseand has partnered with a manufacturer in Williamsport, Pa. for future production of her line of handbags and accessories.

Pretty awesome, right? I’m sure most people would be happy with half of what Kelner has accomplished, but she’s not settling for her current level of success. She is still pushing forward, setting the bar high for NKD’s future prospects.

“I want NKD to be a million-dollar company by the time I graduate, and I have plans to expand my line to clothing and other accessories,” says Kelner.

Her next step toward that goal — an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to finance the manufacture of her SmartPurses. You can watch her promotional video below and, if you want to help a fellow Penn Stater out, you can support Kelner’s NKD with a contribution toward her $5,000 fundraising goal:

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