Eat Ice Cream, Pet Baby Animals, Learn about Agriculture!

If you love baby animals and ice cream (do people who don’t like either of those even exist?) then the College Of Agricultural Sciences has an event for you! Tomorrow from 10-4 is the College’s annual Ag Day, an event with the purpose of showcasing why agriculture is important in our every day lives.

Clubs and organizations from around the College of Ag Sciences will be stationed in Alumni Hall at the HUB to help explain the connection that agriculture is not only part of everyone’s daily lives. This is just one example of the many, many ways Penn State students are unique and passionate about the things they are involved in.

Additionally, there will be animals on the lawn outside of the Creamery for students to interact with. With all of this awesome free stuff, you might ask, why exactly is the College of Ag Sciences doing this?

Everyone likes to eat, and everyone likes to wear clothing. Those things wouldn’t be possible without agriculture. Pretty soon there are going to be 9 billion mouths to feed on this planet, and that’s something that each and everyone of us are going to have to deal with in some capacity or another.

There are lots of fun activities that are being held, and there is a lot of information to be learned. Come down to Ag Day, visit some of the booths in Alumni Hall, get your free ice cream and then carry on with you day. You can probably leave the HUB with your stomach full of ice cream and some new knowledge about the industry that feeds and clothes you every single day (but mostly pet baby animals and get free ice cream).

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