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Day: April 10, 2013

Nicolas Cage Photoshops Invade Campus

They say every great movement begins with one big idea, one innovator, one iconoclast. But in the case of "Operation Cage on Cage on Cage" that swept Penn State's campus by storm this morning, it was the work of six stalwarts that started the mania and confusion.

Confirmed: Two Players to Transfer From Penn State Basketball Program

Penn State entered the offseason oversigned by one scholarship player. Today, the scholarship situation became clearer when the names of Patrick Ackerman and Akosa Maduegbunam appeared on CBS's Jeff Goodman's annual transfer list. When asked about the CBS report, basketball SID Brian Siegrist told Black Shoe Diaries that there were "no official roster changes to report at this time."

Windows Down, Volume Up: How to Become “The Man” by Blasting Music

Now that the weather's nice, you can blast music with your windows down like the good Lord intended. Drive down College Ave. with pride, friend. Be loud. Be proud. Be the man.

So what songs should you play to really signify your new status on top of your own social food chain? Try these:

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Countdown to Blue-White / 10 Days: Year Two Has Had Ups and Downs for Former Penn State Head Coaches

Contrary to how it may have felt, the late Joe Paterno wasn't the only man to call himself head coach of the Penn State football program. As a matter of fact, 10 coaches led the Nittany Lions from 1900 until 1966 when Paterno took over. So as Bill O'Brien gears up for his second year at the helm, how well did his predecessors do in their second year? The game has changed and the stadium is larger, but the history still remains. Here is a look at the second years of the four coaches to call Happy Valley home for 10 or more seasons.

An Open Letter to PSU Crushes

Dear PSU Crushes, Your Twitter account has only been in operation for a few weeks, but what you have done in since that first tweet on March 19 has the impact of a lifetime.

Debut of the Onward State Mailbag

Onward State is looking to start a new tradition: a reader mailbag. You can send us any question, and we'll do our best to answer it in a post.

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