The Lion Shrine Will Reopen Soon

Over the past few days, there’s been much unrest over the state of the Lion Shrine, which is currently covered by some sort of tarp and barricaded away from the public.

It’s no secret that construction is set to begin on the area surrounding the landmark just days after commencement, but don’t fret too much, seniors. The current restricted access is temporary, and the shrine will reopen in time for Blue and White Weekend.

According to Paul Ruskin, Communications Coordinator for the Office of Physical Plant, the shrine has been temporarily blocked so that OPP can do some preparation for the full project, which is set to begin May 13.

The closure comes as a result of the senior gift of the Class of 2012. The area surrounding the shrine will be renovated and will feature new lighting, landscaping, and increased accessibility. The shrine will be unavailable until at least summer commencement, when OPP hopes to provide some access, albeit limited.

While currently the Lion looks like more like an antique in the back of your attic, it will return to its normal, stately appearance in time for Saturday’s Blue and White Festivities.

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