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Day: April 19, 2013

Penn State Media’s Black Sheep

If you've been in the HUB on a Monday from 12-2 pm in the last month or so, you've probably heard someone yell at you something like "help find Kony," "not endorsed by the NRA," or "take this if you're against the war in Vietnam," while simultaneously getting a newspaper shoved in your face.

These people aren't technically crazy, they're just members of The Black Sheep, a new media publication on Penn State's campus.

The Face of LionCash+

Good old LionCash+. How many times has it washed your laundry? How many times has it bought your cereal? Yes, LionCash+ is a friend to all, but to Spencer Hauck it's more than that. It's a BEST friend. In January, the id+ website named Spencer the new face of LionCash+.

Natty Nittany: Spring is in the Air

Ah, spring. It's a beautiful season that allows for a brighter display of outfits on campus. The Natty Nittany caught up with some of the most colorful, vibrant outfits on campus, perfect for the warmer weather!

“Welcome to my Crib” PSU Edition

Cue the gangster music and slow-mo cameras, these students gave us a look at their rooms for Cribs: PSU Edition.

Onward Debate: Online Classes

MOOCs are open to everybody and don't count for course credits, so there's a definite difference between them and regular online classes. Still, when they were mentioned amongst Onward Staters we were reminded of personal experiences with cyber courses. A debate emerged -- what pros and cons do online classes provide?

NFL Hopefuls McGloin, Mauti Release Videos

With the first round of NFL draft coming up in six days, two Penn Staters -- Matt McGloin and Michael Mauti -- have released videos over the last week to make one final statement to potentially interested teams.

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