Buzzfeed: Penn State the “Sexiest Party School” in the Country

Penn State pulled in another No. 1 ranking this week, having been named as Buzzfeed’s “Sexiest Party School in the Country,” although perhaps the recognition a bit more dubious than the top recruiter ranking or other similar accolades.

The super scientific method crosses Fiesta Frog’s list of the top 100 party schools and DateMySchool’s Hotness Index to plot contending schools on a chart — both scholarly sources if you ask me. If you still doubt the legitimacy of Buzzfeed’s metric, just know that Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) comes in at No. 2 followed by the University of Virginia, University of California-Santa Barbara, New York University, University of Colorado-Boulder, Central Michigan University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Georgia, and East Carolina University.

Penn State finished 14th in “hotness” and 7th in “partying,” good enough for the top nod from Buzzfeed. The ranking gurus cited Good Morning America anchor Lara Spencer as justification for Penn State’s selection. While Spencer is certainly an attractive woman, the correlation is lost on me.

So, Penn Staters, if you have ever wondered if you go to the sexiest of all the party schools, rest assured that someone out there — even if they use something called Fiesta Frog in their formula — thinks that you do.

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