Former Football Player, State Trooper Brian King Shot

Brian King, a Penn State safety from 1992-95 and a state trooper in Belle Vernon, PA, was shot during a 17-hour standoff on Friday.

According to police reports, 46-year-old Scott Murphy held up a pharmacy Thursday evening, which led to authorities tracking his location to a home in Latrobe, PA. After attempting to negotiate with Murphy, the Pennsylvania State Emergency Response Team (SERT) entered his residence, where Murphy shot King before being killed in the gunfire.

According to Captain Stephen Eberle, King was shot “in the facial portion of his ballistic helmet, just above the eye.” He had surgery was just released from the hospital yesterday. We will keep you updated on King’s status as more information comes in, but officers that have visited with King have said that he is in “good spirits.”

“[I] just squeezed his hand, said we’re here for you, we’re praying for you,” said Trooper Robin Mungo. “And knowing Brian King the way I know him, he just smiled and said, ‘Thanks, I’m going to be ok.’”

King has been a state trooper for 14 years, and was a member of the undefeated 1994-95 Penn State team that beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl, 38-20.

A full press conference which includes authorities elaborating on the situation and giving an update on King’s status, can be found here.

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