Dent and Thompson: NCAA Should Restore All Scholarships

It has certainly been an exciting week here in Sate College after the NCAA’s decision to gradually restore Penn State’s scholarships. But for two Pennsylvania legislators, the decision doesn’t go nearly far enough.

According to this PoliticsPA report by former Onward State writer Doug Dooling, Congressmen Glenn Thompson (R-Centre) and Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) are both happy about the decision but want a full scholarship restoration immediately.

Here’s a statement from Thompson, who represents Centre County, via PoliticsPA:

“Despite the NCAA’s decision to gradually restore these scholarships, the initial decision to take punitive action against innocent students remains completely unjustified and only serves to harm past, present and future academic achievers. The resiliency of the students, alumni and community during this very challenging time has been inspirational.”

And here’s Dent:

“While I am glad to see the NCAA revisit its arbitrary and capricious punishment of innocent student athletes, the remaining scholarships should be restored immediately. Restoring all of the scholarships will allow more student athletes the opportunity to graduate from a top-rated university.”

Dent has been at the forefront of an effort to keep the NCAA’s $60 million fine money in Pennsylvania. Recently, Dent was party to the NCAA Accountability Act aimed at reforming the maligned organization.

“We are talking about the health and safety and the education of hundreds of thousands of student athletes. We are also talking about ending the NCAA’s kangaroo courts and providing due process rights for student-athletes and member institutions,” said Dent at the time. “These are our kids. It’s time to stop ignoring the flaws in the system. We owe it to them to take the proper corrective action and we hope our colleagues will join us in this effort.”

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