New Student Organization Brings Nourishment to Penn State

Nourish International is a student organization that works in hopes of eradicating extreme poverty on a global level. Thanks to sophomore Chaheti Bansal, Penn State is now one of the 45 chapters found across the country.

Bansal teamed up with the Nourish International’s national office and attended the Nourish Summer Institute in Chapel Hill last August to be trained and recognized as the chapter founder of Nourish International Penn State.

The Nourish International students’ fight against world poverty is organized into two main steps: the creation and management of on campus ventures throughout the year and a summer trip to work on the community projects that their proceeds fund.

In order to raise money, the Penn State chapter plans to host both “Manicure Days” and “Hunger Lunches.” Manicure Days will allow students to get their nails done by their peers at a discounted price, and Hunger Lunches will feature on-campus sales of Chipotle or Pita Pit at least once a month.

Since the chapter is still new, it has yet to apply for an international non-profit organization or location within the National Office, but is currently working with another chapter to learn how the projects work. Bansal will be applying for projects in mid-November, and is looking to the members of the chapter for suggestions. Because Nourish International is connected to so many NGOs in so many locations, the options for travel are essentially limitless, and members of the chapter play a huge role in deciding where the group will g0.

Want to play a part in that decision? More specific information on Nourish International Penn State can be found on the Facebook page, and general information on the organization can be found on the Nourish International website.

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