Fitness Classes FTK Fundraiser Now Open

The Penn State fitness instructors have officially kicked off their biggest THON fundraiser not only for the kids, but for everyone.

Fitness FTK classes are personalized versions of regular fitness classes for groups of students looking to work out while raising money for THON. Groups can choose which class they would like to be featured during its session from any of the fitness classes offered at Penn State (yes, that includes Zumba).

Groups must have a minimum of eight people, but “group” is broadly defined. Anyone, including committees, non-THON related organizations, or you and the seven random people sitting closest to you in the HUB right now, are encouraged to sign up!

“Fitness FTK classes are a great opportunity for people to bond with their friends while raising money for an amazing cause! Whether it’s a new committee or organization looking to get to know each other, or just a group of old friends that want to give back to THON, there is a Fitness FTK class for everyone!” said Kim Saginario, one of Penn State’s fitness instructors.

Fitness FTK classes have time slots following those of the regular fitness classes (usually around 9 p.m.). The cost is $50 per session, or, if your group is big enough, about $3 per person, and all proceeds go to THON. A gym membership is not required to participate.

If you’re interested in burning some calories For The Kids, send an email to [email protected] Include two or three dates and times that will work for your group, as well as what class you would want to take.

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