Jeff Dunham: The Legacy

Jeff Dunham made another appearance at the Bryce Jordan Center this year, and it was just as outrageous as last time.

The famed ventriloquist and his puppet cohorts satirized pretty much every race, sex, and religion. Touring with his new “Disorderly Conduct” show, he continues to bring chortles to the whole of the audience.

Achmed the Dead terrorist and his ilk all brought their A-game for the gathered throng, with such quotables as “silence, I kill you” and “If I went to Israel that red dot on my head would definitely not be a bindi.” Despite the crass, politically incorrect and potentially insensitive nature of their humor, Achmed and his fellow puppets certainly had a good understanding of the crowd, keeping them in stitches for the entirety of the performance.

The one point in which Dunham may have stepped over the line was his five-or-so joke bit about Sandusky, with such material as “Considering where we are, I’m shocked to see people willing to pay $60 to see a little boy sit on a man’s lap,” and other homages to the Sandusky scandal of 2011. While some members of the audience may have hesitated at first, they quickly joined in the guffaws of their fellow onlookers at the ludicrousness of the scene.

No matter how potentially a-political his commentary may have been,  there’s no denying Jeff Dunham’s voice-throwing capacity. At one point, he actually had me convinced that it was the puppet talking, not him. His face moved nary a muscle, and his tactile control over the dead terrorist’s inanimate body left me feeling as if the creation was alive, at least in some capacity.

So if you’re looking for raucous, over-the-line humor, or pure ventriliquistic talent, Jeff Dunham is the man for you.

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