Apply to Be Penn State’s Next Assistant Football Coach

Want to take your armchair quarterbacking to the big time? Now you can, courtesy of Penn State’s official job website. After assistant football coaches Ron Vanderlinden and Charlie Fisher left the team last week, a job posting was put online advertising for the position.

The posting asks for a new assistant football coach (although it doesn’t specific what concentration). The full posting can be read here, but here is a portion of the requirements:

“The Pennsylvania State University is accepting applications for the job of Assistant Football Coach. The University seeks a dynamic and experienced leader with a strong commitment to NCAA Division I-A athletics, with addition emphasis on the integration of compliance, academics, character, diversity, and the athletic and academic experience of the student-athlete. Successful candidate will be assisting the Head Coach in the development and maintenance of a competitive program, by championing a clear vision and strategy for a winning program aggressive in the pursuit of Big Ten Conference as well as success on a national level.”

This is certainly interesting for a bevy of reasons, and raises several questions pertaining to why two coaches the caliber of Vanderlinden and Fisher are no longer with the team. The athletic department framed the moves as resignations, but you have to believe that there was some inkling that the two guys would be gone. Many Penn State fans speculated that Bill O’Brien wouldn’t let such drastic changes occur without immediate replacements in mind, although there hasn’t been a peep since last week’s resignations.

Of course, it likely means nothing. It’s proper protocol that all university jobs, including coaches, be listed online for a national search now, and Penn State fans just aren’t used to it yet.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that anyone can sign up for the job, just like you’re applying to work at Best Buy. Here’s hoping Bill O’Brien grabs a high-caliber coach in the come weeks — maybe he’ll find him on Craigslist.

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