Altoona Student Charged in Bomb-Making Case

Penn State Altoona student Vladislav Miftakhov was charged in federal court today for making and possessing a bomb in connection with his January 24th arrest.

Miftakhov was first investigated by police due to suspicions that he was growing marijuana in his Altoona residence. While searching his apartment, police found bomb-making materials as well as what they believed to be a bomb in addition to five marijuana plants.

Miftakhov is facing numerous charges in state court stemming from the search, but according to the Associated Press, the state charges will be dropped due to the federal charges.

“These chemicals can be used to create explosive devices but mixed together they can be set off even by static electricity,” David Hickton, a U.S. Attorney, told the Associated Press. “There’s a very good reason why they’re required to be registered under the facts we’ve charged him under.”

At the time, it is still unclear how Miftakhov intended to use the devices. As we previously reported, Andrew Leff, one of Miftakhov’s roommates, told The Altoona Mirror that the suspect was a “dumb kid” who acted out of boredom rather than malicious intent.

Currently, Miftakhov is still awaiting bail in Blair County Prison. On Wednesday, a motion to lower his bail, which is currently set at $500,000, was denied. Miftakhov’s attorney, Ronald Donaldson, spoke with reporters after yesterday’s proceedings.

“Once the facts come out,” he said, “People will see a different side of this.”

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