PS4RS Listens to ‘Sweet Caroline’ for the First Time, Now Thinks It’s Awful

After several years of arguing that the Neil Diamond hit “Sweet Caroline” should be played in Beaver Stadium, PS4RS has switched its stance, and is now opposed to the song being played anywhere within a 60 mile radius of State College.

Why the sudden change of heart? Why, after years of vociferous defense of the song, is the organization changing its stance, especially when the song was used as a rallying point for the anti-Board of Trustees movement?

Long story short, they had never actually heard the song, and when they did, they realized that the song is horrible.

“To be honest, we never actually listened to the song until like half an hour ago,” PS4RS member Eileen Schmidt told Onward State. “Man, what a horrible song. I don’t know what we were thinking.”

“At our last group picnic, someone actually played the song,” PS4RS member Franco Lubrano said. “We turned it off after 70 seconds. Jesus, have you ever heard it? It’s brutal.”

Given the latest development, PS4RS plans on petitioning the Penn State community with the hope of getting the song out of the normal football game rotation.

“This is the most embarrassing moment in PS4RS history,” said PS4RS member Karen Ziegler. “We’re really upset that we ever advocated for the song. To be honest, we just wanted something to bitch about.”

According to multiple PS4RS members, the group will begin an immediate search for a new song to take the song’s spot during games, with many people believing that “Pony” by Ginuwine will eventually take the song’s spot.

Neil Diamond couldn’t be reached for comment. Keep reading Onward State for more information as the situation develops.

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