Ready For Hillary Clinton Bus Tour Coming To Penn State on Friday

If you’re ready for Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, the Super PAC sponsoring the bus tour encouraging her to do so is stopping by the HUB from 3-5 p.m. on Friday.

Sponsored by the Penn State College Democrats, the Ready For Hillary bus tour has been following Clinton’s book signing around the country, and since she’s flying from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, the tour will make a pause here. The bus will give out a load of free Hillary swag, including bumper stickers, buttons, and posters. Of course, the event will also encourage the public to sign a petition for Hillary to run in 2016, which, barring something quite unexpected, will happen anyway. Friday is also the fourth of Penn State’s five Spend a Summer Days, so the foot traffic should be much more heavy than your normal early August day on campus.

Penn State College Dems President Nadia Lehtihet said lots of people have been asking if Clinton will be in attendance, but she’s not allowed to coordinate with Super PACs. The Ready For Hillary Super PAC was founded in January 2013, and calls itself “the vehicle through which Americans of all walks of life are expressing their support for a potential Hillary run.” It’s gained quite a following since its inception, with over 50,000 grassroots donors.

In case you didn’t know, Clinton has some Penn State ties. Her father and brother, both named Hugh Rodham, went here and played football. During the scandal times, Clinton actually cut the rioters some slack, saying that she understood the passion that led to their actions. And, as every Penn Stater that’s gotten a tour of campus knows, her husband is the only man to have mixed flavors at the Creamery.

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