Telephone Scammers Targeting Penn State Students

According to Penn State Police, telephone scammers have been calling Penn State students since the beginning of September to request funds for phony cases.

Several students have been targeted by the scam, in which the callers increase their credibility by claiming they are from a legitimate agency (like the police department) and citing personal information that was found on victims’ social media pages. After appearing legitimate, the caller will cite an incident that involves the victim and request funds for a case regarding it. Victims have been given the choice to provide credit card information, mail in funds, or withdraw funds and meet the caller in person. Once the funds are paid, the fake case is then waived.

The Penn State Police urge students to monitor credit card and bank statements. Incidents like these serve as a reminder to protect personal information at all times to avoid exploitation by unsuspecting perpetrators. If you do receive a similar call from the police, validate the caller’s identify by asking for information (such as badge number) and, if the person is unable to answer, call the University Park Police immediately. Although these situations have not warranted a PSUTXT Alert yet, it’s important to maintain a heightened awareness when giving out personal information.

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Alex Calderaro

Alex Calderaro is a junior majoring in Supply Chain Management from Central Jersey. As a first generation Penn Stater, she has found a home here in several places, including her sorority, and, of course, Onward State. You can contact her at [email protected] or follow her on twitter @alexcalderaro.


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