Uncle Chen’s Delivery Car Taken For A Joyride

State College Police responded to a call from a probably frustrated delivery guy at 10:47 p.m. on Saturday near the 500 block of W. College Ave. An Uncle Chen’s delivery car was reported as stolen, but when police arrived at the scene, they recovered the car a few blocks away with no apparent damage.

No Chinese food was harmed in the hijacking of said vehicle.

“It wasn’t a good time to talk unless I wanted some Chinese food,” said an Uncle Chen’s employee. He declined to comment further.

Here’s an undercover look at the scene of the crime: the blue dot is Uncle Chen’s, while the red dot is the scene of the reported crime.

However, the case is cold, as there are no suspects at the time.

State College delivery people have to deal with enough as is, with the endless number of drunk kids they need to serve every weekend. But car thieves? Come on, people.

If you have any information about the unknown perpetrator, contact the State College Police department at 814-234-7150.

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