Distraction of the Day: Shep Garner Catches Everyone Sleeping

Penn State freshman guard Shep Garner has made his fair share of plays through eight games for the Nittany Lions, but what he did last night against Virginia Tech may have been the most memorable one.

Nittany Lion guard Payton Banks went to the line to attempt a one-and-one foul shot opportunity, but apparently nobody remembered the rules.

For those of you at home, a one-and-one opportunity comes when a non-shooting player is fouled after the team has committed seven fouls in the half. The player then goes to the line to shoot a free throw. If he makes it, he gets to shoot another one. If he misses, the ball becomes live. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Well, apparently not, as Banks proceeded to miss the initial foul shot, but the entire Virginia Tech team completely forgot that the ball was now in play. Shep Garner realized this, and quickly snatched the ball to complete what will probably be the easiest layup of his entire basketball career.

Check it out:

The moral of the story, here, kids, is that awareness is crucial. And, you know, always remember the rules. It might even get you onto ESPN.

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David is a senior from Rochester, NY, nestled right in beautiful Western New York. He is majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and as an avid sports fan, he passionately supports the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. He is the first Penn Stater from his family, and couldn’t be prouder to represent Penn State University. In his free time, he likes to alpine ski, and play golf. You can follow him on Twitter @abruz11, and can contact him via email at [email protected]


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