DOTD: Leah Still Gets Her Christmas Wish at Disney

Get your tissue box ready.

With Christmas right around the corner, ESPN sent a camera crew to hang out with Devon and Leah Still, and released this awesome video Saturday morning. Devon talked with ESPN about Leah, their trip to Disney, and what they want for Christmas.

A highlight of the trip was when Leah got dressed up as Elsa from Frozen and then had her number one wish granted as she met her favorite princess, Jasmine from Aladdin. Devon said he was especially emotional during that.

“There’s no definition of beauty,” Devon told ESPN later. “A lot of people think that you have to have a pretty face and long hair, but my daughter doesn’t have any hair, and she’s still the most beautiful girl I’ve ever looked at.”

“She’s taught me so much about strength. I didn’t quite understand what strength was, I thought it was how much you could lift in the weight room, what you can do on the football field, but true strength is really fighting for your life and being able to keep a smile on your face.”

Still’s daughter has been fighting cancer and received widespread support from Penn State and around the NFL. Leah had a successful surgery to remove a tumor but it still battling bone marrow cancer.

Leah Still’s strength is certainly unrivaled. From Onward State to you: Merry Christmas, Still family.

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