DOTD: Thad Castle Wants You to Donate to THON

A YouTube video surfaced yesterday of TV star and model Alan Ritchson, also known as Thad Castle from Blue Mountain State, titled “Thad Castle Wants You to Donate to THON.”

In the video, Ritchson is standing in front of a wall decked in BMS posters, and says:

“ATO ZTA fighting pediatric cancer through the Penn State dance marathon. Click to donate Bromigos!”

The video was posted by Nick Wasilov, the THON Alternative Funds Chair for the ATO Gamma Omega chapter, and has just over 1,000 views as of publishing time. We reached out to Wasilov to find out how he coordinated the video.

“Sadly, I don’t know him. I was a backer for the [Blue Mountain State] movie and one of my rewards was a customized Vine from one of the actors,” said Wasilov. “They were doing a kick-starter campaign in order to get funds for the movie. I was one of the people who donated money to the project.”

So Wasilov decided to dedicate his customized vine to promoting THON… FTK!

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