Review: Pretzel Revolution Opens in the Jordan Center for THON

There’s a new player in the staid world of Bryce Jordan Center concourse food.

Pretzel Revolution opened for THON, its first event at the Bryce Jordan Center. According to an employee, it will be on the Jordan Center’s concourse for at least three years.

Pretzel Revolution claims to be the founder of the stuffed pretzel, essentially a hot dog or cheesesteak wrapped in a pretzel, instead of a bun or bread.

According to the company’s website, Dean Borrell hoped to open a sandwhich shop as a child.

But then, reads the site, “one day, while revisiting his recipe for the perfect Philly cheesesteak, Dean reached for his favorite snack – a pretzel. And suddenly, everything became, well… twisted. He spent the next two years tirelessly working to create the perfect pretzel dough – a proprietary recipe of sweet and savory flavors that would ultimately reflect the very essence of his Pennsylvania heritage.”

Pretzel Revolution has enjoyed a stand in Kutztown since 2008. This is its first venture in State College.

Pretzel Dog — Ben Berkman

I had never heard of a pretzel dog before my first journey to the magical Pretzel Revolution. As I hurriedly scanned the menu for my dinner, the combination of a pretzel and hot dog seemed just strange enough to quell my THON-induced hunger.

I certainly was wary at first, the mix of two salty foods could have proved a recipe for dehydration as I persisted in the stands of the Jordan Center.

But the dog was moist, perfectly cooked, and a tasty substitute from the normally inedible hot dogs from the Jordan Center’s own concession stands. The pretzel itself was crispy on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside.

The meal — if that’s what a dog inside a rolled piece of bread can be called — left me wanting to survey the rest of the menu, which includes enticing items including stuffed pretzel breakfast sandwiches and dessert pretzels.




Regular Pretzel — Noel Purcell

As a New Yorker who treats dirty water hot dogs and pretzel carts as a religion, I’m pretty tough to impress. After tasting it, Pretzel Revolution has my full attention. I got a plain pretzel, which was salty and buttery and chewy and moist and crispy, the perfect combination for a satisfying snack.

Yellow mustard being available right there, instead of waiting in line at the condiment station, was a big plus. It was even better when paired with honey mustard, the ultimate condiment. The rest of the menu looked fantastic, but I was a bit overloaded on carbs for the day, so I asked a few other patrons.


Buffalo Chicken Pretzel — Random Person 1

“Life changing.”

Cinnamon Pretzel — Random Person 2

“So, so good. I’m gonna get another.”

Like other Jordan Center concession venues, Pretzel Revolution accepts meal points for students who have meal plans.

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