THON Decorates Donation Stations With Hogwarts Themes

The BJC has been transformed for THON weekend and is ready to welcome families, volunteers, spectators, and dancers. The stage is set up, the lights are on, and captains and committee members are getting together the final touches, including some fresh decorations. This year, THON decorated some stations around the BJC in a Harry Potter theme.

The booths will be staffed throughout THON weekend to allow spectators to make online donations on a computer right from the BJC. Also available are Diamond Guides, the annual THON weekend programs put together by the Public Relations committee.

There’s the fearsome Slytherin theme, complete with a snake creepin’ around that pillar.

THON_Harry Potter_Slytherin_Morton Lin-9342

Of course, the decorations paid homage to the famous platform 9 and 3/4. How many delirious spectators will try to run through this pillar?

THON_Harry Potter_Ravenclaw_Morton Lin-9346

One station finally recognized Hufflepuff, which to be honest does not get enough attention. Who doesn’t love a badger with an “FTK” chain?!

THON_Harry Potter_Hufflepuff_Morton Lin-9347

And of course, THON played up Harry’s own house: Gryffindor.

THON_Harry Potter_Gryffindor_Morton Lin-9340

If you plan on roaming around THON, be sure to check out these “magical” decorations, as well as many others that will appear throughout the weekend.

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