Overheard During Slides Of Strength

Slides of Strength, a time where dancers get to slide down a runway of baby powder and receive 10-second massagers, just wrapped up. The purpose of the event is to give dancers the strength to stay standing. Being one of their personal masseuses, I found it was the perfect way to capture the dancers’ comments after they had been on their feet for almost 10 hours.

Annoyed girl in hot pink tutu: “There’s no way that was 10 seconds.”

Small boy, clearly about to fall over: “Oh god. I can’t stand back up.”

Girl about to fall asleep on the mat: “Will someone pick me up?”

OPP captain, looking at his friend: “Is someone massaging my butt…? Whatever.”

Girl who appeared to be close to tears: “Can I have another turn?”

Guy clapping his hands, creating a cloud of baby powder: “So. Much. Baby. Powder.”

Girl with perfectly curled blonde hair and sparkly eye shadow: “Thank god.”

Girl to her (assumed) best friend: “We landed in the same exact spot!”

Girl who looked honestly disappointed: “I should have slid up further so that cute guy could massage me.”

Guy in muscle t-shirt: “That was the best 10 seconds of my life.”

Girl with her face pressed to the mat: “Stop counting down so quickly.”

Annoyed boy with blue bandana: “What kind of 10 seconds was that?”

Girl in pink tank: “That was the most amazing thing of my whole entire life.”

Muscular boy: “Oh my god, you are an angel.”

You know when someone calls you an angel after a 10-second, one-handed massage, they must really be hurting. Hopefully the full trash can of empty baby powder bottles helped the dancers feel a bit better. Keep it up, everyone!

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