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Power Ranking The Best THON Toys

There are dozens of reasons why THON is great and loads of fun for students and families alike, but one of the things that sets it apart from other fun events is the toys. When else do a bunch college-aged students spend a whole weekend playing with toys, not only with the kids, but with each other too?

It’s a glorious mess of non-stop fun with little trinkets that help give dancers and spectators alike a distraction from the exhaustion and leg pain. But which toys are the best? Great question! We ranked the different common THON toys in terms of how much fun they are over the weekend.

7. No toys: Now let me start off by saying that none of these toys are worse than not having toys. Not having toys is the worst. Especially if you’re in a toy-heavy area and get to see everyone else having fun while you’re stuck empty handed, it’s the worst. So even if you’re stuck with a bottom tier toy, be happy you have one at all.

6. Balloons: Though they’re hardly a toy, they’re certainly a nice distraction for a little. Some even have those cool rubber bands attached, giving the balloon-haver something fun to play with for all of about two minutes.

5. Footballs: This less popular toy still has prominence around the BJC, but there’s a reason it’s not as popular as its other ball counterparts. The space required to really have a football reach its true potential is just a bit too much in such a crowded arena, and besides playing football, there’s not much else you can do with it.

4. Beach Balls: While the beach ball has a ton of potential, it’s tough to control and requires a fairly sizeable group to reach that potential. Its high risk of loss makes them easy both to find, but also have slip away if there are any miscues.

3. Tennis/rubber balls: The most popular of the ball family, these are clearly also the best. Even without factoring in their dual ability to act as a foot massager, they’re the easiest to use, requiring very little space, and any surface. From the floor, to the stands, and even R&R committee members on-shift, anyone can use a tennis ball with little difficulty. Bonus points for tennis balls usually coming in packs of three, so even if you lose one, two more are waiting for you.

2. Bubbles: Bubbles rock. Everything about them are just the best. They’re playful, fun to make, fun to pop, and kids love them! Unless you get horribly unlucky and have one pop in your eye, bubbles are the definition of good clean fun–the solution is even called bubble soap! Kid friendly is an understatement for this great toy that, assuming you don’t run out of bubble soap, can last you a long time.

1. Water guns: As much as I love bubbles, water guns were a pretty easy choice. Anyone who has ever had a water gun fight with a Four Diamonds child knows how much fun it can be, whether you know the kid or not. Water guns make for a fun, harmless competition and often make for great ways to interact with families without even having to talk to them. They’re fun, easy to use, refillable, and they never really get old. Plus, if you’re getting tired, nothing wake you up like a small blast of cold water. It’s the perfect toy for THON weekend, and it’s no surprise that they’ve become so popular over the years.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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