The Most Unique Costumes At THON

Everyone comes to THON well aware of the dress code: neon, tutus, fanny packs, etc. But every year there are a select few who go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that their costume is one of the best. Here are six of the best costumes we’ve found at THON so far.


Casey Luddy, representing Ohana, dressed up as Mrs. Incredible and added on an orange squid hat and fanny pack.


Chris Thommen came to THON as a part of PSMA, Sports Business Club dressed as the state of Maryland wearing a blazer.


Jack Reed, a brother in Phi Kappa Sigma, was chasing ghosts around the BJC today.


Isn’t THON just a huge party? And what party wouldn’t be complete without a dude in a banana suit costume?


Jordan Woods and John Bagnall came to THON ready for a day at the beach, representing OSCU.


Last but not least is Karen Eberle with the Student Philanthropy Council, dressed as the symbol of our best.

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