Things As Large As Delta Upsilon’s Letters

As is tradition, the Bryce Jordan Ceneter is a splendor of bright colored t-shirts, fatheads, and letters. Based solely on magnitude of size, Delta Upsilon takes the prize for the largest letters seen at THON 2015. The bright yellow Delta and Y stand out in the crowd like big, fratty beacons. According to Delta Upsilon president Chris Farrell, the letters are eight feet in height. Farrell said these letters are made of yard sticks, foam board, and tape. The process required the manpower of “pretty much the whole house” and was completed over a course of three to four hours.

To put the size of the Delta Upsilon letters into perspective, here are some figures to help you out:

I stand at an average 5-foot-4 on a good day. That means multiply my height by 1.5 to be as large as Delta Upsilon’s letters.

The Delta is more than one foot taller than the Joe Paterno Statue, which once stood at 6-foot-11.

joe smaller

Michael Jordan, who stands at a mighty 6-foot-6 on a regular day, would have to stretch his legs in a semi-Space Jam manner an extra foot and a half to be the same height as Delta Upsilon’s letters.

jordan delta

You would need Verne Troyer, standing proudly at 2-foot-8″ stacked three Verne Troyer units high, to reach the top of that glorious Delta.

verne delta

8.7 fully inflated footballs (I guess that makes eight fully inflated footballs and one partially deflated one) are equivalent to the height of the Delta Upsilon letters.

football delta

Exactly six Pikachus, each at 1-foot-4, would have to perform their own Pikachu-pyramid to be as tall as the soaring Delta.

pikachu delta

13.7 Regular #6 Sandwiches, on white, Mike’s Way sub from Jersey Mike’s (They’re seven inches long, in case you were wondering) stacked vertically with perfect balance would reach the tip of the Delta.

jersey mikes delta

48,000 pieces of paper stacked on top of each other can equal the height DU’s letters.

paper delta

It would take more than 27 glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme, each 3.5 inches in diameter, to reach the top of the Delta.


And for those curious folks out there, it would take about 220 Delta Upsilon letters to reach the tip of the Freedom Tower at 1,792 feet.

freedom tower delta

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