Day: February 22, 2015

Overheard In The Men’s Bathroom At THON

By: Alex Bauer With the final hours of THON 2015 underway, students continue to fill the Bryce Jordan Center; some excited and energized, some fighting back fatigue, and others that just really have to pee. Earlier today, we shared what we overheard in the women’s bathroom. Now the men’s bathroom at THON isn’t even remotely […]

Tell Us What Your Organization Is Doing For Your 4D Families Not Able To Attend THON Weekend

A possible chicken pox exposure at the THON Hoops game a few weeks ago has prevented some THON volunteers, dancers, and Four Diamonds Families from being able to attend THON Weekend. While it's sad that some families can't be here THON Weekend, many organizations are caring for their THON families in other ways.

Blue Team Wins Color Wars 2015

Coming to the end of a long journey this weekend, dancers and DRCMs are sure to be exhausted. Staying on your feet for 46 hours takes quite the toll, but to take the dancers' minds off the pain, DRCM created a little game: Color Wars.

Natty Nittany: THON 2015 Edition

With THON in full swing, it is not hard to spot dancers who have gone all out in their outfit choices. Anyone can rock a tutu or high socks, but some people just do it better than others. That's why, in this edition of Natty Nittany, we took to the floor to find some of the funkiest outfits of this year. Here are the best of the best.

THON Behind the Scenes: What’s Below the BJC?

Ever wondered what goes on below the BJC during THON weekend? We got a peek at the amenities provided to dancers.

BJC Nearing Capacity At 9 a.m.

As we near the final four hours of THON Weekend, more and more spectators are making their way into the BJC. Sections are starting to fill up in both the upper and lower bowl, and portals have begun to close. A security leader told us she wasn't sure how near capacity the BJC is right now, but it's getting close.

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