Day: February 22, 2015

Rockets Bring Energy, Cool Dance Moves To BJC

The Rockets put on perhaps THON's most entertaining show thus far on Sunday morning.

Overheard In The Women’s Bathroom At THON, Part 2

We're almost to the homestretch here in the BJC, but there's still enough time in between now and then for people to dawdle. So, what is one supposed to do to pass the time? Read what people said in the bathroom, obviously.

Relive Last Night’s THON 2015 Pep Rally

For your viewing pleasure: Here are the performances from last night's THON 2015 Pep Rally. Enjoy!

Dancers Stand for 46: Why The Arbitrary Number?

THON began as a hour dance marathon back in 1973. Because the philanthropy's first year was so successful, the time was extended to 48 hours the following year. However, THON 2007 was cut down to be 46 hours long. The reason? It might surprise you.

Breakfast in the BJC: Power Through the Final Morning

We found the BJC's breakfast options for you. While limited, we can assure you they'll get the job done.

Life Fits In A Fanny Pack For THON Attendees

What do a tube of red lipstick, an inhaler, a bouncy ball, and $20 all have in common? They were all in people's fanny packs.

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