Life Fits In A Fanny Pack For THON Attendees

Many people opt to keep all their THON-essentials in fanny packs. We scoured the concourse to find out what people deem essential to have on them during THON.

Megan and Shira — Alpha Omicron Pi
Between the two of them, they had: an inhaler, two granola bars, bubbles, and a bouncy ball.


Dave and Joe — OPP

Between the two of them, they had: a pair of rainbow suspenders, a granola bar, two “essential” squirt guns, a letter, two wallets, a pack of tissues, and two iPhones,.


Mollie — Alpha Xi Delta

Mollie had: perfume, deodorant, a portable phone charger, red lipstick, and an extra set of contacts.


Tracey, Natalie, and Sebastian — R & R

Between the three of them, they had: a tube of red lipstick, two deodorants, a portable charger, hand lotion, oil wipes, gum, Advil, an EOS, two granola bars, a pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, perfume, sunglasses, a THON survival guide, a map, Oreos, one cough drop, a tennis ball, and various notes.


Lynsey and Natalie — Apollo

Between the two of them, they had: two iPhones, $20, two tubes of chapsticks, one stick on tattoo, a granola bar, and one tissue.


Let us know what you keep in your fanny pack in the comments.

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