Penn State Football Introduces New, Pro-Style Game Ball

Quarterbacks are unique. They’re known to be particular about most facets of the game, but become especially meticulous when it comes to the ball they’re throwing. It’s like a golfer with their equipment; things like grips, club type, and shaft stiffness need to be adjusted to a tee. One minor imperfection can completely derail a golfer mentally, just as it would a quarterback with their ball.

Christian Hackenberg will be throwing a brand-new style of game ball this year, and he took some time to dissect the changes in this year’s model from last year’s.

As Hackenberg noted, the ball boasts some new features not found on last year’s model, slight as they may be. For starters, the new ball is similar to the NFL-style ball in terms of shape, which provides some quarterbacks an essence of comfort when throwing. The new model comes equipped with a different style of leather, one that Hackenberg says gives him a firmer grip on the ball.

Quarterbacks aren’t the only ones picky about the game ball — remember, somebody has to catch the ball too.

Wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton gave some feedback on the new ball as well, saying that it was much easier to catch, even after getting wet. This year’s model comes with painted white stripes, rather than the textured stripes featured on last year’s ball. Though the changes may be small, they seem to be received well by the two of the most important position groups on the field.

Let’s hope Hackenberg breaks in the team’s new game balls the proper way: by lighting up Temple at Lincoln Financial Field on Sept. 5.

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