Penn State Things That Should Be Emojis, Part 2

Sometimes the only way to convey what you’re trying to say is with an emoji. Why say “he’s cute” when you can send your friend the heart-eye emoji? How would we recognize how fire a comeback (or mixtape) is without a few flames? Most importantly, what good is a conversation about Eric Barron without a emoji-size representation or an Penn State Instagram bio without a chipmunk logo?

Noting a lack of Penn State pride in the iOS emoji keyboard, we set out yet again to create some symbols a little more fit for a Nittany Lion. Whether these emojis would be used to spice up a particularly Stately conversation, or you just need to describe a situation that could only happen at Penn State, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

We emojified all things Penn State. Behold, the sequel to part one.

CATA bus 


For whenever you’re trying to coordinate hopping on the bloop, woop, rink, or grink.

Game face


Whether you’re a fan of the stickers or tattoos, this will be your go to game day emoji.

The number of all numbers


This belongs in every social media bio you have, and should be used at least twice in any given conversation.

The Shield


Penn State did this one for us! For the low low price of $128,000.

Game face, part 2


Not everyone dons a (hopefully) not-so-permanent paw print on gameday. Here’s for those that prefer to block out the haters.

Basic blues


Black shoes. Basic blues. No names. All game.

We had to.


What else would make for a good Penn State emoji? Let us know in the comments.

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