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We’ve all heard those classic romantic stories about meeting the love of your life in college. You know the tale: the cute girl drops her physics book rushing to her next class, and the handsome guy picks up the book just in time for their hands to touch. It sounds like it’s right out of a Taylor Swift song, right?

While we’d all like to have a love story that rivals Taylor Swift’s ballads, it’s pretty hard to do here at Penn State. Don’t get me wrong; Penn State is certainly a place where plenty of people fall in love in the most romantic of ways, but it’s also a place where people meet a significant other through mutual classes, friends, and, of course, Tinder.

Tinder is a tricky game to play. While you might find your one true “bae,” it’s very easy to fall victim to the dreaded Tinder “catfish.” For those of you who don’t know, a catfish is a person who deceives another person into dating them by pretending to be someone they are not online. Although it’s usually pretty easy to spot a catfish, there has been enough instances of the trickery for MTV to make an entire TV series out of this “catfishing.”

We’re asking you to submit your Penn State catfish stories. Whether you were tricked via Facebook, Tinder, or in any other way, we want to hear your story. Email your crazy catfish stories to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, any juicy details of you catfish experience, and photos.

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Tim Reams

is the HR Strategic Partner for Onward State, but he's still churning out the good photos and stories occasionally. He's a junior majoring in Labor Employment Relations, minoring in one too many things, and he'll probably become the next Onward State schmuck to go to law school. Tim comes from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area (yes where the TV show the office is based off of) and was raised a die hard fan of all things Penn State. For any inquiries or spamming email [email protected], or feel free to sliiiiide into his DMs on twitter @TPReams.


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