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If there’s one word that everyone automatically associates with Chipotle, at least in State College, it’s line. The Heister Street Chipotle is a busy place, and no matter what day of the week you’re in the market for some chips and guac or what time of day you’re craving a burrito you’re likely going to have to wait in line (well, that is, if it’s open).

If you ever choose to enjoy your burrito, bowl, or salad in the restaurant, you’ve probably wondered how many tortillas and cups of water the place is churning through. We’ve been wondering the same thing, and after seeing how other popular joints function, we figured Chipotle was the next logical destination for one of our journalistic stakeouts. 466 tally marks later, here are some of the most interesting statistics from a Thursdsay night at Chipotle.

Burritos: 28

Bowls: 76

Salads: 8

“For Here:” 24

“To Go:” 87

Ordered online and picked up: 16 (our Editors recommend).

Chips: 15

Guacamole: 19

Cups for soda: 17

Cups for water: 27

People who were too good for cups of water and got bottled: 5

LionCash swipes: 14

Paid with cash: 9

Guys who were not working who literally went into the kitchen to pick their order up: 1

Knee-high Yik-Yak socks: 2 (or as some would say, 1 pair).

Employees staring at us and whispering to each other: 2

Employees who asked what we were doing: 2

Managers who asked what we were doing: 1

Times we were kicked out: I bet you’re wishing this number was 0. Us too.

Most surprising of all was the girl to guy ratio. Not saying anything about being basic, but:

Girls: 48

Guys: 66

We spent exactly one hour sitting in front of the registers at the restaurant (probably a bad location choice). Chipotle served 114 people within that hour, which averages out to 1.9 people every minute, and the average person only had to wait .52 minutes (31.58 seconds) from placing their order to paying for it.

If you’ve been following along with these stat snapshots, you know that we usually include a bonus playlist of what was playing at the restaurant during our stay, but at Chipotle it was just kind of smooth Mexican jazz. I mean, they were probably real songs, but it wasn’t exactly the bumping playlist from Canyon, and my Soundhound didn’t pick any of them up.

There you have it. Finally that notorious Chipotle line makes sense — those employees burn through burritos!

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