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Staff Picks: Happy Valley Eats For Good Deals

If you haven’t yet heard about Happy Valley Eats for Good, you’re missing out. With a $10+ donation to a variety of Penn State and State College non-profits, charities, and community organizations (including your favorite blog) you receive 100 deal vouchers to different local restaurants and stores. For now, the deals total $1,264, though that number is bound to rise as the number of participating businesses increases.

Happy Valley Eats for Good is the brainchild of Joe McCarthy, a Penn State graduate.

“Eats for Good is a pioneer startup at the crossroads of restaurant marketing and fundraising,” said McCarthy. “Through Happy Valley Eats for Good, nonprofits, schools, teams, and good causes can offer their donors and friends more than $1,000 of exclusive Groupon-like discounts at popular restaurants and shops in exchange for a donation of $10 or more.”

With that in mind, our staff decided to take a closer look at the various deals offered, and selected our favorites.

Ben Berkman: One Free Healthy Meal Off Mentor Cuisine’s Lunch Menu. 

Mentor Cuisine is a local business owned by a chef and a gym owner. “Recognizing that food and fitness go hand and hand,” its website reads, “we merged our love for top-notch fitness and healthy, high-quality food into what we feel is the key component to living a healthier lifestyle through diet and fitness.” You can place an order online, and you receive healthy meals throughout the week.

The Happy Valley Eats for Good deal allows one free meal, with no additional purchase necessary. Anything from a pan seared steak to a baked salmon is available. It’s an $11 value, so it already pays back the minimum cost of the 100 vouchers. It’s an incredibly easy and cost-free way to try a little-known State College service, benefit the community, and eat healthily all at once.

David Abruzzese: Buy One Panini, Get One Free At Sower’s Harvest Café. 

Of all the deals included in Eats For Good’s vast selection, the value found at Sowers Harvest Café trumps all. The café, which opened in September on 421 E. Beaver Ave, features a variety of fantastic options for every meal of the day. The highlight of its menu? Paninis.

With a donation to Eats for Good, you’ll have access to Sowers Harvest’s can’t-miss offer. With the purchase of one panini — priced in the $7.50 area — you’ll receive an additional panini free of charge! In total, the deal offers serious savings, giving customers a bang for their buck, and tastebuds. It’s a deal you can’t find anywhere else, and gives residents an even greater incentive to check out a locally-owned spot that often flies under the radar.

Mike Reisman: Two Large Cheese Pizzas Only $10. 

The College Pizza deal, in my mind, is by far the best. I’m not one to often eat at College Pizza, if I get pizza at all it’s usually just up the block at Canyon. But College Pizza is just fine relative to State College pizza in general, and getting 16 pieces of it for just $10 is a deal that sounds too good to pass up. It’s a perfect deal if you and a group of friends are looking to get a ton of pizza for a cheap price, drunk or sober. Look at that picture of a pizza with a heart made of pepperoni. You can’t pass this up.

Caitlyn Edgell: Buy A Like It Signature Creation, Get One Free. 

The best deal of all the incredible Eats For Good deals has to be the one essentially giving away a free Cold Stone delicacy. All you have to do is buy one Like It Signature Creation, and you can get one free. It’s the perfect date night dessert joint, especially because it will be inexpensive, and now you only have to pay for your dessert — your date’s will be free. If you’re tired of the creamery ice cream in the dining halls by this point in the semester, this is the best option. The Signature Creations also give a wide variety of choices, from Germanchökolätekäke (my personal favorite) to Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love dessert?

Adair Fleming: 20 Percent Off Your Entire Check At Denny’s. 

I’m not quite sure if I love anything more than food, but I am absolutely sure that I’m the most indecisive human currently walking this Earth. So as you can imagine, picking a favorite “Eats for Good” coupon was one of the most daunting tasks I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking on. Five-dollar Pitas? BOGO Coldstone? It felt like I was choosing a favorite child. But then I saw it: 20 percent off an entire Denny’s purchase. I know what you’re thinking, “Denny’s is just the idiot cousin of IHOP,” but not so fast, breakfast-lovers. About a year ago, I thought I was “settling” for Denny’s when an emergency food stop was made on a five-hour road trip. Now I could’ve been delirious from driving, but I am 85 percent sure that Denny’s gifted me with the most delicious chocolate chip pancakes I’ve ever tasted. Either way, you’ll probably catch me at Denny’s with this coupon the morning after the Michigan game.

Anna Foley: Two For The Price Of One Brown Cows.

What is this drink, you ask? Why, the Brown Cow, of course: a magical blend of espresso and Meyers Dairy chocolate milk available at Websters. The Brown Cow combines two of the best things on this entire planet: a smooth, never bitter latte with fresh, local chocolate milk. It is hands down the most satisfying drink at Webster’s.
Now take all of the amazing things about the Brown Cow that I just said, and double them. Because with the Eats For Good coupon, you get two Brown Cows for the price of one! So grab a friend, and head down to the hippest cafe in all of State College for a coffee you won’t find anywhere else. Or maybe just keep the second Brown Cow for yourself. Because honestly, who am I kidding; that’s what I would do.

Lexi Shimkonis: Any Calzone For $4.99 At D.P. Dough.

I always have a place in my heart (and my stomach) for a D.P. Dough calzone. And hand-held pizza for less than five bucks? Definitely the best deal on the Eats For Good coupon. If not strictly for the options that D.P. Dough offers, then the biggest benefit of the $4.99 calzone is that calzones are literally always good, and I always have at least $5 on me. Breakfast calzone? Sure (you don’t even need to get the one with eggs, either). Lunch? Of course — quick and easy to eat. Dinner? There’s nothing more filling than bread stuffed with cheese and whatever variety of meat and/or vegetables you crave. A $4.99 calzone is just perfect anytime of day — it’ll fill you up, there’s a ton of options for whatever mood you’re in, and it definitely will keep your wallet as full as your stomach.

Doug Leeson: Free Small Fries With Any Purchase At McDonald’s.

I’m a simple man. I don’t know what my future holds, but I don’t see myself driving a fancy car or living in a big house, or even going out to eat often when there are so many better ways to spend money. I do know one thing though, and that’s that McDonald’s french fries are food for any time of day, any state of being, and any weight of wallet. A deal for free fries is just what I need all of the time, and this deal requires a purchase of any other item to get the fries. Any other item includes milkshakes, or as I like to think of them, the best condiment available for fast-food fries. Heck, I just went to McDonald’s last night for fries and a shake and I’m probably going again tonight — this deal just makes it that much easier.

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