Holocaust Survivor Sonia Goldstein To Speak At Penn State

Sonia Goldstein is not your typical grandmother; she’s seen a lot in her ninety years. She was born in Vilna, Poland, and planned to become a pharmacist. In 1941, Goldstein’s town was taken over by Nazi forces. Goldstein and 55,000 other Jews were forced into a Vilna ghetto. She was then sent to the Stuthof Concentration Camp, where she spent four years enduring the horrific experiences of the Holocaust. But Goldstein survived, and has told her story ever since. On February 29, Goldstein will bring her story to Penn State.

Sonia Goldstein’s granddaughter, Jess Goldstein, is a student at Penn State. She wanted to help her grandmother share her experiences with the Penn State community. “These are the kind of stories that are left out of history books,” Goldstein said. “They put life into perspective.”

In her talk, Sonia Goldstein will give a her account of the Holocaust, including her liberation from the Nazi regime. Goldstein’s story is “eye-opening and brutal,” according to her granddaughter. Goldstein has told her story before, but not at a venue as large as Penn State. To Jess Goldstein, the size of the event gives it a powerful potential. “It’s making sure these living stories are passed on,” Goldstein said.

Sonia Goldstein will be speaking on February 29 at 6:30 p.m. in Alumni Hall. The event, which is co-sponsored by Penn State Hillel and Alpha Omicron Pi, is free. For more information, check out Penn State Hillel’s event page.

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