Entertainment Committee Accepting Song Requests

The entertainment committee plays a ton of songs during the 46 hours of THON. From the ones included to the line dance, to used in performances and played by live performers to what’s just playing in the background during downtime, a lot of songs are played throughout the weekend.

With 46 hours of music, compiling a playlist that pleases everyone is no easy task, and ENT realizes that. That’s why this year, THON is now giving everyone the chance to try their hand at being an entertainment DJ. The entertainment committee is currently taking requests for their playlist. To get one of your favorite jams to play for the whole BJC, all you have to do is tweet at the entertainment committee @ENT_FTK and use the hashtag #musicFTK.

Furthermore, last year we made a playlist of every song played at THON, in order, and we’re doing the same this year. If the entertainment committee picks your song, we will too and it’ll be forever immortalized in our THON 2016 playlist.

Requests are pouring in, so get your song and help energize the dancers and everyone in the BJC.

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