THON Donation Stations Decorated As Different Seasons

THON has officially taken over the Bryce Jordan Center. Dressed in bright, vivid colors and socks that reach their knees, hordes of dancers and spectators have flooded the stadium. A festive vibe rings through the air as volunteers made their final preparations for the weekend. The spirit has even reached the THON donation stations.

This year, the THON donation stations are decorated as the different seasons of the year. The booths will be available throughout the weekend for spectators, families, and volunteers looking to make a donation. You can donate at the booths with cash, check, or you can pay online. Those wishing to donate can also text “THON” to 50555 to make a $10.00 donation.

THON donation station 2016 - Summer

Looking to for a change from the winter blues? Stop by the summer donation station where a tropical paradise awaits.

Thon Donation station 2016 - Fall

If sweaters, pumpkins, and foliage is more your forte, head over to the autumn themed donation station. It’ll make you yearn for the days of bonfires and turkey dinners.

THON donation station 2016 - Winter

Can’t get enough of the brutish weather that has transformed State College into a frozen hellscape? The winter themed donation station has just the wonderland for you.

THON donation station 2016 - Spring

It’s already springtime in Bryce Jordan Center. For those who prefer flowers and fair weather, the spring themed station is right up your alley.

Stop by any of these stations during your weekend to donate FTK.

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