THON Weekend Weather Forecast

Most years, the only bad thing about THON weekend is the February weather. Fortunately, THON 2016 looks like it’ll be decent compared to most years. Here’s the weekend’s forecast, per Accuweather:


Volunteers that plan on arriving early will be the only attendees to experience freezing temperatures. It’ll be 30 degrees at noon, then will slowly warm up at the rest of the day. At 4 p.m. it’ll be 35 degrees and at 6 p.m. the temperature will start to drop, reaching a low around 8 or 9 p.m. at 33 degrees. It’ll be cloudy all day until 11 p.m., when the chance of rain rises above 50 percent.


If you’re arriving at or around midnight, consider bringing a light jacket (but not one that will take up too much space). The temperature will hang around the high 30s with a 50 percent chance of rain from midnight to 3 a.m. Then, it should hit 40 degrees outside the BJC and continue heating up when the sun rises around 7 a.m. The temperature will continue rising and hit a peak in the late afternoon — if you’re coming to THON between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., you shouldn’t need to bring too much to stay warm as the 47-55 degree range is very warm, relative to most Februarys. It should be partly sunny all day and mostly clear at night.


The mostly clear night will continue into Sunday, but temperatures will dip and hit a low at 36 degrees at 7 a.m. Then, it will rise to a peak at 2 p.m., with cloudy weather all morning. If you’re coming for the final four hours starting at noon, prepare for 43 degrees, clouds, and a nine percent chance of rain as of now. At 2, however, there’s a 60 percent chance of rain that will last two hours. The rain could last through the night, however, so plan ahead if you want to stay dry when you leave (however, if you want to cool off when you leave, you’re in luck).

Overall, the weekend will start off a little cold but will warm up Saturday, followed by a cooler and rainier Sunday. Get ready to dance, Penn State!

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